Investor Options for Title Insurance

The standard Georgia Association of Realtor’s contract states that property buyers, by default, receive an enhanced title insurance policy at closing. Title insurance protects the owner and/or lender from title defects. An enhanced policy provides added protections against fake deeds, supplemental tax assessments, post policy forgeries and much more. 

The enhanced policy is tailored to individual owners, not companies or LLC’s.  In many cases, real estate investors purchase property through an LLC or company instead of as themselves.  These companies would need to make a specific request to get an enhanced policy.  It is possible for an enhanced policy to be issue, but it requires an endorsement to remove the requirement that the insured must be a natural person.  

For a company, a standard title insurance policy will be offered, but other options are out there that you may not know exist. It’s important to have a title expert on your side for this very reason.