A Quick and Stress-free Closing

Some attorneys start doing real estate closings because it looks easy and can be profitable. At a closing, the attorney simply explains documents for the buyer and seller to sign, and often, it looks like they are just pointing to a signature line.  But what if there is a title issue? The ‘point and sign’ attorney may not be much help.  

Origin Title and Escrow reviews the title and takes steps to fix about one-third of all files closed.  The fixes can be something as simple as creating a joint tenancy when the owners were not sure how they owned the property.  Or it can be a mess like when a Condominium Association has been dissolved and no one is paying dues because there is no entity to collect.  Origin Title and Escrow takes the time to research the issue and come up with a resolution. In the case above, we would send an estoppel letter to the condominium association’s last address listed with the Secretary of State to estop the condo association (if it’s ever re-formed) from trying to collect past dues on the unit.  They have five days to respond or lose their lien rights.  

Advise your real estate agent to use Origin Title as their closing attorney so everyone involved can get to the closing table quickly and without stress.