Attorney States vs. Title Company States

Real estate closings differ from state to state. In “Attorney States”, a licensed attorney must be present at and have control over the closing. This includes reviewing the title search, preparing affidavits, receiving and disbursing all money. Several east coast states are attorney states:  Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Some states, such as Florida, are “Title Company States” that do not require an attorney to close loans or purchases as long as the closing includes title insurance.  This rule is unique because title companies can only prepare closing documents when insuring titles.  So, in this case, even in Florida, a Florida attorney would be needed if there is an all cash purchase with no title insurance.  

Origin Title & Escrow can close loans and purchases for Florida properties as long as title insurance is involved. An “attorney state” requires an attorney licensed in that state to perform closings.  John C. Bennet is a licensed attorney in Georgia and a licensed title insurance agent in Florida.  Origin Title can perform closings in both Georgia and in Florida.