FANS Free Title Monitoring 

Maybe you have seen or heard the commercials for services that charge a monthly fee to monitor real estate records. These monitoring services are expensive and vague as to the solutions they provide if anything is ever found.  

Fulton and Dekalb counties have been offering real estate monitoring services for a few years, but now monitoring has become available in every county, thanks to the Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority (“GSCCCA”).

Under their new Georgia Filing Activity Notification System (FANS), an owner may sign up to receive an electronic notification via text or email about filings that match the criteria set by the owner.  The most common criteria would be the person’s name and county.  The service is free and can give homeowners quick notice of any fraudulent filings being submitted under their name.  

You will only need a mobile phone number or an email address to sign up.  Here is the link to get started: . 

Please note that registering is not enough to start generating notifications. As you register, continue to the next step and create a name notification request to activate the search. 

Notification requests expire after one year, so you may need to mark your calendar to reactivate it annually.

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