Importance of Full Title Search

Home buyers should never accept someone’s word alone that they own the property and that there are no mortgages or liens on it. 

As closing attorneys, we do much more than just prepare the deed to transfer ownership. 

We do a 50-year back-search on the title on all purchases, and also issue title insurance to protect the buyer’s home and investment. 

A title search includes looking for property taxes, liens, mortgages, lawsuits, and even water bills in some jurisdictions.

Many closing attorneys will charge extra to clear issues that show up on the title. For minor issues, such as a tax lien that was paid but not released on record, we fix this without any extra charge. 

Our title searches are completed in about a week to give us time to correct any issues that show up. This means our closings are rarely delayed because of title issues. 

Buyers and Real estate agents who are frustrated by delayed closings should put Origin Title and Escrow, Inc on their next purchase contract as the closing attorney.