Refinancing and Intangible Tax

Most people buy a house two or three times in their lifetime, and perhaps refinance another couple of times. When refinancing, you may have the best loan in the world, but if it’s not closed or reviewed properly, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.  

One area where borrowers can lose money is with intangible tax.  Borrowers are often surprised when refinancing that they are charged intangible taxes again! The State of Georgia charges $1.50 for every $500 of the loan amount.  But there is a  way that can save you hundreds. If your previous loan has not been sold, you can refinance with the same lender and only pay the intangible tax on the difference between the current principal balance of your loan and the new loan amount.  This is a small detail that could  be missed, but it is one of many things on the Origin Title checklist, to be sure the borrower receives every available advantage.

Choose a reputable and detailed closing attorney when refinancing to make sure you get every discount possible.