Remember the movie Brazil?

The rogue handyman, Harry Tuttle, played by Robert DeNiro, didn’t follow the rules because he hated the paperwork.  The paperwork found him on the street one day and he eventually disappeared in the mass of papers. People selling their house without an agent can feel as if they are being buried by paperwork, but the biggest risk is overlooking necessary paperwork. Every situation is a little different, but Origin Title provides a basic checklist for sellers to make sure they have everything in order and don’t delay the closing.  

No matter which side of the For-Sale-by-Owner transaction an individual is on, having a qualified real estate attorney oversee the process will stop closing-day horror stories.  

FSBO Checklist for sellers in the Atlanta metro area:

  • Check to see how you have title to the house 
  • Make sure all water fixtures are low-flow. Or see if there is an exemption that applies.  
  • Complete the Lead paint disclosure if the house was built before 1978. 
  • Seller’s disclosure to indicate what appliances and fixtures are remaining with the property. 
  • Check to see if your house is in a flood zone (flood maps do change)
  • Check the zoning map to make sure nothing has changed (zoning can also change)
  • Locate your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy from when you purchase the house (if you have one).