Remote Closings in Georgia

Due to the pandemic, closings and signings have been facilitated via video. Georgia has put two separate emergency orders in to place to accomplish this.

Georgia is an “attorney state”, meaning that an attorney is required to be present when signing legal documents such as a deed.  The emergency order issued by the Supreme Court of Georgia allows an attorney to be legally present via video.  This was not the case pre-pandemic. 

The second emergency order is from the Governor that allows an attorney to watch a person sign via video and notarize that document once the original is received.  Georgia does not have remote notary laws yet, so without the Governor’s order, the attorney cannot legally witness and notarize a document unless they are physically present during the signing. 

Origin Title & Escrow always keeps the best interest of our clients in mind.  We will continue to adjust our processes to match the orders issued by the state.