The Days of Closing Using Zoom Are Over

During the state of emergency under pandemic precautions, we could notarize and witness someone signing documents over video.  The signor would still have to send the original documents back for us to sign as the witness and notary, though.  This worked well.  

For the past 2 years, there was proposed legislation to allow for Remote Online Notaries, or RON.  The statute was tabled in 2021 and voted down in 2022. 

Real estate attorneys are perceived as being against RON, but that’s not completely true.  Real estate attorneys want to make sure there is accountability in signing documents and handling a closing.  

At Origin Title, every closing document is signed and notarized properly, and there is an attorney present at the closing. Homeowners, loan officers, and real estate agents who close with us will always be able to find us.    

John C. Bennett is a real estate closing attorney and owner of Origin Title and Escrow, Inc.. Since 2003, Origin Title has handled real estate transactions – purchases, refinances, reverse mortgages – quickly and professionally. There will be no surprises, nothing misunderstood. Title searches are thorough and well-reasoned, to avoid unpleasant surprises later down the road. Calculate your closing costs in Georgia or Florida using our calculator or contact Origin Title using this form.